Velvet Sledgehammer

Often mistaken for a family band, the members of Velvet Sledgehammer are from just about as diverse a range of backgrounds as can be found in any Tasmanian musical group. Comprised of an eccentric multi-instrumentalist a crooning English export, and the finest ‘warbler’ in the west, the inter-generational trio boasts a whopping 46-year age-gap between its oldest and youngest members and yet delivers a surprisingly comfortable blend of vocal harmonies described by critics as “stunning” and “refreshing”. Their debut EP Singing Their Choices was released in January 2016.

Kerrie Maguire – vocals
Jesse McCormack – vocals, dumbeg, whistles, Celtic bouzouki
Matthew Dames – vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele


A majestic hall lined with opulently carved white marble pillars. Lush red velvet upholsters the furniture and hangs in rich curtains hemmed in gold trim. Atop a perfectly creaseless tablecloth, the finest porcelain is laid, paired with expertly polished silverware. The scene is set for a glorious evening of dignified grandeur and sophistication…but suddenly, in barge the peasants in their muddy boots, emitting a joyful cacophony of beautifully imperfect merriment. This is the sound of Zoukin.

Emily Sheppard – violin, viola, vocals
Jesse McCormack – Celtic bouzouki, vocals

The Rolling Waves

Hailing from the vibrant south-east of Tasmania, The Rolling Waves are a trio of friends who simply enjoy making music together. Presenting original compositions, enlivening tune sets, and delightful interpretations of classics with their neat selection of instruments and warm three-part harmonies, they create a captivating experience of toe-tapping rhythms and melodious inspiration emblazoned with plenty of singalong opportunities and cheerful fun.

Jesse McCormack – vocals, Celtic bouzouki, whistles, harp
Jane Palfreyman – vocals, whistles
Mike Shegog – vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin

Nordic Wombat

Silver birch groves. Picking blueberries. Icicles, cross-country skiing, snow falling from pines. Coffee. Reindeer. Trolls. Steaming sauna, frozen lakes. More coffee. Narrow cobbled streets. Elderflower trees. Even more coffee. This South Australian/Tasmanian duo will evoke these memories and transport you to the Nordic lands.

Ingrid Wangel – hardingfele, nyckelharpa
Jesse McCormack – Celtic bouzouki, whistles, vocals

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