Velvet Sledgehammer

Often mistaken for a family band, inter-generational trio Velvet Sledgehammer have been singing together for over a decade, including at such events as Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS), the National Celtic Festival (VIC), and the National Folk Festival (ACT), at which audiences were almost fist-fighting over copies of their 2015 EP Singing Their Choices! Their repertoire includes plenty of traditional and contemporary folk songs, a sprinkling of gospel and 60s pop covers, and a selection of original compositions about the history of the West Coast of Tasmania (most of which feature on their 2020 studio album King Billy is Ablaze), all delivered with the trio’s surprisingly comfortable and mellifluously potent vocal harmonies.

Kerrie Maguire – vocals
Jesse McCormack – vocals, Celtic bouzouki, whistles
Matthew Dames – vocals, acoustic guitar


A majestic hall lined with opulently carved white marble pillars. Lush red velvet upholsters the furniture and hangs in rich curtains hemmed in gold trim. Atop a perfectly creaseless tablecloth, the finest porcelain is laid, paired with expertly polished silverware. The scene is set for a glorious evening of dignified grandeur and sophistication…but suddenly, in barge the peasants in their muddy boots, emitting a joyful cacophony of beautifully imperfect merriment. This is the sound of Zoukin. They reunite the genres of folk and classical music with impressive musical ambidexterity, seating the works of great composers such as Handel and Vivaldi comfortably next to songs and tunes from the Nordic and Anglo-Celtic traditions, as well as their own compositions inspired by both adventures around the world and their homeland of Tasmania. They released their debut album Pines at Midnight in 2020 during a double-bill launch concert with fellow Tasmanian band The Rolling Waves.

Emily Sheppard – violin, viola, vocals
Jesse McCormack – Celtic bouzouki, vocals

The Rolling Waves

Established in the pub session scene of the vibrant south-east of Tasmania, The Rolling Waves are a trio of friends who simply enjoy making music together. They showcase original compositions, enlivening tune sets, and delightful interpretations of classics with their neat selection of instruments and warm three-part harmonies. Having performed at events such as Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS) and Wintermoon Festival (QLD), they create a captivating experience of toe-tapping rhythms and melodious inspiration emblazoned with plentiful singalong opportunities and cheerful fun…as showcased in their 2020 EP Already Home, which they released at a double-bill launch concert with fellow Tasmanian band Zoukin.

Jesse McCormack – vocals, Celtic bouzouki, whistles, harp
Jane Palfreyman – vocals, whistles
Mike Shegog – vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin

Nordic Wombat

Silver birch groves. Picking blueberries. Icicles, cross-country skiing, snow falling from pines. Coffee. Reindeer. Trolls. Steaming sauna, frozen lakes. More coffee. Narrow cobbled streets. Elderflower trees. Even more coffee. This South Australian/Tasmanian duo will evoke these memories and transport you to the Nordic lands.

Ingrid Wangel – hardingfele, nyckelharpa
Jesse McCormack – Celtic bouzouki, whistles, vocals

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