An eccentric troubadour originally hailing from the lush island of Tasmania, Jesse McCormack plays Swedish-infused acoustic Celtic folk-rock delivered in a vibrant flourish of purple bohemianism.

As someone who learned to read by studying CD lyric booklets while listening to the respective songs, Jesse has a unique and profound relationship with music that begun at a very early age. He had his first piano lesson at the tender age of 11, and taught himself to play a small arsenal of other instruments in his late teens and early twenties, including ukulele, whistles, dumbeg, Celtic bouzouki, and harp.

Jesse has released two studio albums: the raw and enthusiastic “Celtic-folk-meets-garage-rock” recording The Day Before the Fair, and the mythology/folklore-inspired, eclectic and earthy Enchanted Forest. He has toured once in Europe, and many times in south-eastern Australia, including at events such as Cygnet Folk Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the National Folk Festival. These performances have either been as a solo artist, or with one of his bands: inter-generational trio Velvet Sledgehammer, classical-folk fusion duo Zoukin, eclectic folk trio The Rolling Waves, or Scandi trad duo Nordic Wombat. Apart from working with these bands, he has also collaborated with the likes of London electric cellist Jo Quail, Brisbane singer-songwriter Sarah Calderwood, and selected members of Melbourne Celtic quartet Co-Cheòl or innovative Swedish folk band Jaerv.

With his adaptions of traditional Celtic laments and love songs, spicy English murder ballads, and edgy Nordic folk tunes – as well as his own quirky original compositions – Jesse induces imaginings of fantasy worlds and cravings of dance fever. With rhythm coming out of the ends of his fingers and harmony potently oozing from his very soul, his minstrelsy is like a fiery, reviving drink; conjuring exquisite melodies and tingly midsummer night anticipation.

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